THE SIMORGH award will shine a spotlight on young and emerging talent who, through their dedication, passion, and exemplary achievements, has not only blazed a path for others to follow but will inspire them to discover the same spark within themselves.
Simorgh Award will celebrate two rising stars of 30 years or under- one from the field of marketing, and one from the arena of advertising.
THE AWARD draws its inspiration from the mystical masterpiece in Persian literature, THE CONFERENCE OF THE BIRDS, an epic about the birds of the world who gather together to seek the Simorgh, their king. They set off in search of the Simorgh, and after a difficult and challenging journey, only 30 dedicated and passionate birds manage to reach the court of the king. At first they are turned back. But, finally, when they are admitted to the court they discover that the Simorgh they have sought is none other than themselves.

In the spirit of this quest for the Simorgh, we celebrate our 30 years or of rising stars whose dedication, Passion, and exemplary achievements, have blazed a path, inspiring others to follow.

THE SIMORGH TROPHY has been inspired by the original concept. Persian and English letterforms (the ‘seen’ and the’s’) come together to create a symbol of a bird, that’s poised to take flight. The base represents a mountain, this earthly realm, the hurdles, both seen and unseen (hence the transparent and solid materials) that need to be overcome before flight can truly be achieved.
To be eligible to enter, the candidate must be

Individuals from the marketing and advertising industry – marketing companies and agencies communication, digital, media, PR, etc..

30 years old or younger at the time of application.

Nominated by the CEO/CMO of the organization.

The Simorgh award is for

Individuals with a vision and high standards of ethics & integrity. The future leaders of the marketing & advertising industry.
People who have demonstrated innovation, creativity & accountability in executing their responsibilities.
Agile, passionate, disruptors
Result-oriented, brave people who have contributed to the overall excellence and effectiveness within their organizations.
Individuals who are doing work that is beyond their own business interest to contribute towards the growth of the overall industry.

The jury panel will consist of seasoned marketing and advertising professionals who will judge all the applications on the basis of the following criteria:
Vision & Passion:
Future Goals, Ambitions & Need for Excellence
Body of Work:
Innovative, Bold & Courageous, Agility in Uncertainty, Impact
Achievement(s) & Growth
Leadership Quality:
Empathy, Integrity, Confidence & Accountability

  • Our expert panel of judges will review all the applications.
  • The judges will carefully select a total of 6 nominees: three from the field of marketing, and three from the field of advertising.
  • Entrants must arrive at the venue at a specified time for the announcement of the shortlisted candidates.
  • The announcement of the shortlisted candidates will take place on the day of judging.
  • Each of the shortlisted candidates will engage in a 5-minute Q&A session with the judges, allowing each candidate to further highlight their achievements and accolades.
  • The winners of the Simorgh Awards will be announced at the MADsemble conference hosted by PAS on the 21st of September.

How to enter: It’s quick and easy

  • Entrants to be nominated by the senior management of the organization.
  • Entrants to fill out the application form.
  • Section 1 to be filled by the nominee.
  • Section 2 to be filled by the nominator.
  • Last date to apply: 4th September.
  • Application Fee: Rs. 35,000 plus tax (non-refundable)

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What does a nomination look like?

We would like to know how the nominee has made a notable difference to the company, making them stand out from their peers and colleagues

  • A breakthrough idea.
  • Developed an innovative campaign.
  • Produced measurable and lasting ROI.
  • Managed significant budgets or accounts.
  • Expanded the company’s media presence and successfully launched a new product or line.
  • Created memorable content or a body of work that has created an impact.

The form should show the breadth and depth of your nominee’s accomplishments. Be precise, specific, and concrete in your examples; details and numbers are important and will help us gauge the impact of your nominee’s efforts.

  • The Simorgh Award is not liable for any copyright infringement on the part of the entrant.
  • If an entrant receives an award, the manner and details of announcing that nomination and award are strictly within the discretion of PAS.
  • By submitting your entry in the competition, the participant and its company agree to all the terms and conditions and rules as set here.
  • The winners will be considered the brand ambassador of the Simorgh Award and will act as a point of reference for future entrants.
  • Entrants understand that Simorgh Award may not be given to any entrant if they fail to meet our standards and criteria.